Food Festivals

Where fish foodies can celebrate this great ingredient..

F.R. Fowler & Son are frequently recognised for supplying fish and shellfish of the highest quality and for supporting local events and businesses. Few local events could be as significant as the annual Food Festival!

During the 2012 Festival we were delighted to join a team of some of York's best chefs in the preparation and serving of a 6 course fish tasting menu for 60 guests, seated in the heart of the city centre in St. Sampson's square. Richard provided some insightful and entertaining commentary for the evening while the four guest chefs prepared delicious plates of Stonebass, Halibut, Trout and Scallops. There is little doubt that the evening went down a treat!

Here Richard is holding one of his Fish Workshops where the public are given an insight into some of the best techniques for handling and preparing fish.


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