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Fish boxes available prepared to your specification, 

Choose from any of the products below and combine portions to make up your box. 

All portions will be vacuum packed for you, suitable for home freezing at no extra cost to you. 

All preparation,skinning, boning at no extra charge. 

Average portions would be 180g -200g 


Fresh fish fillets


Haddock fillet £18.50kg 

Cod fillet cut from 1.5-2kg fillets  £22.50kg  

Coley fillet £8.80kg

Hake fillet £17.00kg 

Sea bass fillets 110g -140g £19.40kg

Sea Bream fillets 110-140g £19.40kg

Stone Bass (Meagre) 1-2kg fish £16.80kg 

Lemon Sole cut from 500g-900g fish, fillet 28.50kg 

Salmon fillet cut from 4-5kg whole fish £19.80kg

Plaice fillet £16.50kg 

Monk fish loin fillet from 2-4kg  tails  £29.12kg  

Halibut loin £29.22kg 

Tuna loin £29.80kg    

Swordfish loin £24.90kg 

Mackerel £8.95kg 

Sardines £10.50kg 

Fish pie mix (mixture of 3 prime white fish and Salmon)  £12.00kg 

Seatrout (sea reared)gilled & gutted 1.5-2kg  fish whole £8.50kg 

Skate wings £11.95kg 

Wild SeaBass whole line caught 2-3kg £22.00kg 

Whole Gilthead Bream 4-600g fish £9.30kg 

Whole SeaBass 4-600g fish £9.30kg 

Brill 2-3kg whole £23.50kg 

John Dory 1-2kg £22.50kg 

Dover Sole whole 500-600g 24.60kg 

Turbot whole 2-4kg £24.00kg 

Squid £17.65kg 

Cuttle fish £9.00kg  

Samphire grass £16.36kg 

Products and prices may vary due to availability and market fluctuation. 




Dressed Crab fresh 🦀 £5.95 each 

Dressed Lobsters 🦞 £14.60 each 


Mussels rope grown live, £5.95kg 

King scallops dry cut meat. £31.50kg 

Fresh peeled Brown Shrimp 100g pack £8.95

Live clams surf £16.50kg

Oysters 🦪 1/2 dozen (6). £6.00, 1 Dozen (12) £12.00 

Fresh Blue swimming crab claw meat pasteurised 454g pack £13.50 


Lobster frozen popsicle  £12.50each 

Clams in shell frozen £6.50kg 

Crabs claws de shelled Frozen 454g bag £16 

Soft shell crab frozen £2.50each 

Mixed Seafood in vinaigrette 150g £3.90 


Smoked Fish 


Smoked Salmon 227g pack £5.98, 454g pack £11.65. 

Hot Smoked Salmon 200g portions £6.82 

Smoked Haddock fillets natural 18.50kg  

Smoked Mackerel fillets £14.56kg , 240g Avrg pack £3.49.

Peppered Smoked Mackerel fillets £14.88kg , 240g Avrg pack £3.57.

Kippers £9.50kg 

Kipper Fillets £10.50kg  


Frozen Fish 


Prawns large, low glaze 10% 500g £7.50. 

King prawns tiger 🍤 , peeled & deveined raw, 1kg £10.00.

King prawns in shell raw, 🦐 head on tail on, 1kg £9.80kg  

Scampi, whole tail, in breadcrumbs. 454g £5.30. 

Whitebait 454g £2.10 

Blanchbait 454g £2.25

Tuna loin steaks 200g, 1kg pack, 5pcs £10.80 

Swordfish steaks 200g, 1kg pack, 5pcs £14.80

Fish cakes: Traditional, £0.80 each (deep fry or shallow fry) 

Luxury fish cakes : Oven bake from frozen 200* 25-30min. 

-Cod fish cakes, melt in the middle parsley sauce 140g £1.10 each. 

-Cod, Sweet Potato & Chilli 140g £1.10 each. 

-King Prawn, lemongrass and rice 150g £1.10 each