Sustainable Policy

Our View and Stance


Sustainability is all about ensuring we do not fish a species beyond the levels at which it can reproduce and maintain healthy stock levels. Our fish mainly comes from the East Coast of England. This area is considered one of the most well-managed in the UK, with boats a strictly controlled by what they can catch from where and how many days they can spend at sea.

The fleet has been cut down in size over the years, therefore much less fish is being caught and the fishing effort balances the recommendations of what can sustainably be caught.

We will not buy fish from anywhere that we do not feel comfortable about the health of the fishery or fishing methods used.

We must also ensure that fisheries are managed in such a way that the harvesting of wild fish does not upset the delicate balance of an oceans eco-system or damage the environment beyond what can repair itself naturally.

There are fishing methods used to maintain this level of supply that have caused an outcry the world over but change is happening and archaic damaging practices will be stopped and catches controlled, we believe we will avert disaster.

F.R. Fowler & Son – Burnholme Fisheries will not buy fish from any source that is not well controlled or managed and pledge to adapt our supply chain to ensure we are part of the global effort for change, well-being for our planet and fish for the future.

We do not sell fish which is endangered and Bluefin tuna is at the top of that list. For other species we buy from well-managed sources, where quotas are controlled so that fish are not caught beyond levels which are safe and recommended.

Nobody wants to see a world without fish and there has been a huge focus on ensuring we are aware of the issues. Fishing is a global industry and there are nations like Japan who consume up to $28m every day!  Finally, in order to keep up to date with the latest news regarding stock levels, we are in constant contact with the all parties interested in this issue, such as Good Catch, the MSC and the Seafish Industry Authority.