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Established in 1906, F.R. Fowler and son Burnholme fisheries is a third generation of a family run Fish business.
We supply hotels, restaurants, catering trade and the general public with fresh fish, shellfish and frozen fish products daily.

Buying fish from local ports and wholesale fish merchants from around our British coastline and from importers of fish into the UK we have fresh fish and fish products delivered daily. Orders are taken via answering machine or direct phone contact and emails, then our team prepare them by weight, the orders are then prepared to the customers specification skinning boning etc., and packaged into boxes covered with food safe plastic sheets, iced and bagged or vacuum packed if the customer requires it, then loaded into the refrigerated vehicles and delivered out to the customer under temperature controlled conditions, Fowler’s adopt a clean as you go policy and all staff are food level 2 food handling trained with management level 2 haccp trained. Fowlers have a green approach to our waste management and by products go to composing at a government approved composting plant in Elvington.

Priding ourselves on our customer service, we are friendly and approachable, always happy to assist customers with their needs- big or small. Our high quality fish and even higher quality customer service has allowed us to supply fish and shellfish to North Yorkshire for over 100 years!


Our Story

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